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The astrological birth chart shows a person's destiny, potential, life path and luck. The natal chart is a graphical representation of the energies that were acting at the time of a person's birth. This is why you need to know the exact date of birth (with time of birth) for an accurate astrological prediction.

Several predictive practices are involved in constructing and analysing birth charts. The main ones are: classical astrology (western), Chinese astrology bazi, Vedic astrology. We recommend to use them. Predictions from other predictive systems will be less accurate.

A natal chart can be drawn online in a special astrology software. You can do it yourself. But analysing and deciphering your birth chart will be more difficult. It requires special knowledge of astrology. Classical astrology will analyse the natal chart, which is shown as an arrangement of planets. In the graphical representation of the birth chart, which is based on Chinese astrology, there will be hieroglyphs. Such hieroglyphs denote the energies that were affecting a person at the time of birth.

Regardless of the forecasting system, the astrological report should be similar. A person should receive an accurate answer to the question posed. The accuracy of the prediction will also depend on the professionalism of the astrologer.

There are also online services that can calculate natal charts and horoscopes. Such astrological tools can also be used. But keep in mind that a report compiled by a computer software will be less accurate than a consultation with an astrologer.

Types of astrological predictions by birth chart.

The main types of astrological predictions by date of birth:

  • Analysis of the original natal chart. Such a prediction will give an understanding of the overall situation, the general vector of development, potential, strengths, weaknesses and more.
  • Predictions for a period of time. Astrology is a dynamic system. The energies will change every year, month and day. Therefore, it is not enough to know only the astrological prediction from the original natal chart. You need to know the astrological prediction for: 1) the 10-year period; 2) the horoscope for the year and month by date of birth; 3) the horoscope for the near future (today and tomorrow). With this information, you will know exactly how best to proceed and what to expect in the future.

Astrological forecast by area of life:

  • Finance, work, career, business, profession.
  • Love relationships, meeting a man/woman for a relationship, marriage, family, divorce and more.
  • Physical condition, health, physical activity, treatment.
  • Learning, talents, gaining knowledge and skills.
  • Relocation, travel, real estate.
  • Selection of auspicious dates.
  • Forecast on other areas of life.

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The natal chart describes all aspects of a person's life. After deciphering the birth chart you can learn about fate, the future, and good fortune.

Chinese astrology looks at a person holistically. The Chinese say, "First Destiny, then Luck, and then Feng Shui". Fate is "given" at birth and will determine our lives. Luck is our opportunities and chances that appear in life. The prediction of luck for a person is looked at by a horoscope for a specific period of time. These two points are closely related to each other.

Feng shui is the positioning of a house in relation to the flow of Qi energy (good or bad). The purpose of feng shui is to analyse the influence of energies on a person. The purpose of feng shui is to choose a good home with favourable energy. Favorable feng shui of home will increase luck of people who live in it and unfavorable energies will bring hardship and misfortune.

A brief conclusion. A person "receives" destiny at the time of birth. Astrology helps to know destiny, future, and potential. With this information, one can make corrections to one's destiny, get more luck and bypass bad luck. But we cannot change the energies that act on the natal chart. That is why we cannot radically change our destiny.

An astrology consultation will give answers about your birth chart, destiny and future. Use such knowledge to improve your destiny and good fortune!

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Astrology, Horoscope, Natal chart, consultation
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